B2B web platform

Aim high with our web platform

Do you find it challenging to get vendors with the desired capabilities?

Do you find it challenging to get work suited to your capabilities from clients?

The BREOSS® web platform is a one-stop solution for the needs of both clients and vendors. The platform brings together both clients and vendors on an easy-to-use online procurement platform to simplify operations.

You can save your team’s much time, which they can then invest in core responsibilities to maximise productivity. The platform also enables real-time tracking and monitoring of the assigned job’s progress.

Some of the Benefits

Simplified Communication

Enjoy the benefits of speedier and more effective communication with all the stakeholders. As a client, you can create an enquiry, float RFQs, and obtain quotes for every requirement with just a few clicks. Eliminate redundant and repetitive manual activities, thus reducing chances of human error.

Convenient, error-free and easy!

Greater Transparency

BREOSS® enables greater transparency and better pricing. The web platform can retrieve your data, analyse it and provide you with tools for comparison to allow you to make the best decision regarding selection of quote, vendors, etc.

Analyse & revise to arrive at a decision that is wise!

Real-time Notifications

No more fretting over mails, calls and messages for those much-needed updates! Get instant notifications for all the activities from production to delivery.

Stay updated, hassle-free!

Business Intelligence Tools

You can monitor various activities, receive monthly reports on purchasing costs, and compare data. The platform offers invaluable and unique tools to enable you to organise your purchase team’s activities. It’ll bring efficiencies to their operations through savings and elimination of cost redundancies.

Stay on top of your game, always!

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