BREOSS® innovative solutions cover print, packaging, PoSM, digital solutions and creative services. Our solutions and services are designed to help clients make significant cost savings, develop sustainable competitive advantage and achieve business objectives faster.

Our Offerings

Generating traffic through point of purchase

Our marketing and brand services help our clients create brand awareness, connect with customers and stand out from the competition. The online / offline multichannel solutions can strengthen your brand and help it grow.

High performance print and digital solutions

BREOSS® print and digital solutions provide easy, simple and unique ways to speak to your audience. The customisable solutions are designed to suit every organisation’s needs and maximise savings. Our wide network of suppliers, our centralized project management and our ability to innovate ensure quality and consistency for all your marketing communication projects.

The challenges businesses face

Creating and retaining an efficient, effective supply chain is a huge challenge that businesses continue to face. Merely putting in place a robust network, demand-supply planning processes, cost management, a capacity planning strategy, and a team, does not guarantee success in today’s marketplace. From identifying the right supplier to keeping track of vendor performance and ensuring a stable supply of quality products, the whole process is filled with complications. Some of challenges are:

VUCA world

Increasing resiliency

Boosting flexibility

Gaining end-to-end visibility

Improving disruption and change management

Our Solution

From digital transformation of customer communications, supply chain optimisation to increased consumer engagement and greater speed to market, BREOSS® service offerings enable our clients to achieve their business goals.

Reduced complexity

  • Supplychain rationalisation
  • Reduced admin requirements

Enhanced efficiency

  • Speed to market
  • Accelerates innovation

Reduced risks

  • Lower operating costs
  • Robust management system


Based on a defined scope, our seasoned experts will leverage proven solution experience to assess areas of your business, evaluating people, processes and technology within each area.


We will evaluate the assessment results, develop a formal recommendation that’s tailored to you and engage with your team to develop a managed services go-forward strategy.


We then partner with you on implementing a solution for outsourced functions.

Want to transform your procurement and get an edge over your competitors?