Product packaging has evolved over the years. It is now more strategic, product-centric and consumer-oriented in nature and plays a critical role in driving growth and revenue. Our flexible packaging solutions are designed to reinforce your brand identity and drive business growth. From dimensions and shades to cost and deliveries, our packaging services are carefully created to meet brand specifications. Our total packaging services comprise artwork adaptation, proofing, prototyping, line trials and their documentation, final production and ultimately delivery.

Paper Board Packaging

Made from thick paper-based material, popularly referred to as cardboard, paperboard packaging is light-weight but strong. It is widely used in heavy-duty packaging, frozen food packaging, candy boxes, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, as well as apparel and grocery take-away consumer bags. They are highly foldable and sturdy. We manufacture these eco-friendly products using fine quality recycled and bio-degradable, virgin Kraft paper.

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Flexible Packaging

Light-weight and convenient, our flexible packaging products include pouches, zip-lock bags, sachets, and package-securing material such as adhesive and packing tapes. They are easy to handle, user-friendly, cost-efficient and environment friendly. These are made from Polypropylene, LDPE, and low-density polyethylene resins.

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Rigid Packaging

Strong and sturdy, our rigid packaging solutions include glass bottles, metal jars, etc. They are designed to offer enhanced protection and maintain product quality during transit and handling. They are ideal for food and beverage products as well as corrosive fluids. Our rigid packaging solutions limit the exposure of the contents to the environment, thus eliminating deterioration in quality and enhancing shelf life.

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Innovative Packaging

Technological advancement has ensured a shift towards innovative and specialised brand packaging to serve specified products and services. Also, a growing demand for convenience mandates innovative and specialised packaging. We provide solutions for frustration-free packaging, space-saving packaging, smart packaging, etc.

Our innovative packaging products provide specialised solutions. Void-fill packaging material, such as bubble wrap, inflatable air-pillows, light cushions, corrugated rolls, angle boards, etc., help to secure items from damage during transit, shipping, handling and unloading/loading. Snap-fit and screw caps ensure pilfer-proof and child-proof securing of containers with fluid and viscous contents. Gusseted or stand-up pouches facilitate the packing of food products, especially liquid items, such as sauces, mayonnaise, etc. They are also used in refill packs of cleaning solutions.

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Labels were earlier merely a medium to display important product information. Now, they’ve become an option for marketers to increase the brand recall and in-shelf visibility. An effective label will enable you to capture the customer’s attention and mind-share. We help you design impactful shelf labels to provide relevant info to your customers and enable them to make an informed purchase decision.

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